Talking politics online

12.20.2015 / McCurdy's Comedy Theater 

Dating with Sleep Apnea

                                       12.20.2015 / McCurdy's Comedy Theater

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Steve loves to drink beer and sit on it.

Steve loves to drink beer and sit on it.



       Relying less on jokes and focusing more on a storytelling style Steve deals with topics 

ranging from his own health (poor) to the political climate (even worse). Steve’s 

background in improv and theater help him bring a high level of comfort to the stage that 

always translates into a great show. Tampa’s Creative Loafing magazine named Steve the 

best young comic for 2012 saying, “His loud, opinionated and charming personality is 

made for the stage”. IN 2014 their reader’s voted Steve the best local stand up comedian. 


      Steve has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of 

comedies biggest names including, Jim Jefferies, Amy Schumer, Brian Posehn and 

Kyle Kinane. Steve has been heard on Sirius/XM satellite radio and seen on Fox 


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